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Last week we finished shooting our latest short film Stanley. Stanley is a Yorkshire Sci-Fi written and directed by Simon Hare.

We shot for a full week in locations around Yorkshire and it could not have gone any better. The cast and crew were all incredible very talented and extremely helpful.

I really believe I got some of the best shots I’ve ever taken while making this film. This is the first film I have used the DJI Ronin (steadicam gimbal) on and it really came into its own and cannot wait to start the edit with Simon next week!

I’d like to thank the cast and crew again for making this an enjoyable experience I would do it all again in a heart beat!

Don’t forget to keep a check on here and our production website,

Photo at the top of the blog by Jason Charles Old.

(L to R, Bradley Johnson, Michael Suttill, Simon Hare)

BTS photos below all taken on Samsung S6 mobile phone.

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