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A quick update on Horizon!

It's been a year since the films completion! (time flies!) Its currently got over 6500 views and been added to numerous channels on Vimeo! This film has been so well received and done so much better than dared to imagine!

The film has gained recognition after winning a special mention in the Leeds International Music Video Awards!!

Leeds film festival has two categories for music videos. One for local UK based films and another for International Music Video’s. The winner of the first category is automatically entered with the international videos. Much to my surprise HORIZON was put straight into the international category, competing with studios from all over the world! Not bad for a film with no budget whatsoever!

The competition was judged by Andy Gray, Phil Leigh and Hayley Scott.

The results can be seen here


Stefan Nadelman the director of Waveform which also received a special mention did the title sequence for ‘Elvis & Nixon (2016) starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. Check it out here. he also did the opening sequence for ‘Being Evel’ which is my favourite.

Just before I go, check out the winner here:


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