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Today is the official release day for HORIZON!

'The line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet.' 'The limit of a person's knowledge, experience, or interest.'

A time-lapse film shot in the Selby district and the places I grew up in. Nobody wants to see that, nobody cares. To make a film like that, that people want to see you have to go to Utah or California, the deserts of Morocco, Iceland or Norway…. That’s what I thought three years ago when I first tried my hand at time-lapse and landscape photography. So I did it anyway and I would make it for myself, not for anyone else, or so I thought. After completing the edit and sharing it with friends I realised I’d not just made something for me, and that’s where the collaboration began. I sent the video to Oliver, Paul and Josh. Oliver and Paul composed the soundtrack while Josh was inspired to write the words. A few weeks later the elements were fused together and Stephanie created the graphics. The film has been a labour of love, done in spare time from my full time job as an electrician. Each frame in the film is the result of three separate exposures blended together. That’s 750 pictures for every ten seconds of footage, this equates to around 10 hours of render time in post. per 10 seconds.

Check out the film in the 'MOTION REEL' section of the site, directly from the home page or go straight to vimeo,

You can download the custom made soundtrack directly here,

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