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Be alive; remain living.

A journey in time lapse from the Dolomite's of Italy, through Lake Garda and back to my home country of the UK.

9th and C - All build up and no trousers



Credits - Producer, Cinematographer, 2nd Editor

Enemies in war, divided by language, surrounded by hell, two soldiers forge an unusual friendship that will be tested beyond comprehension in No Mans Land.

Directed and written by my good friend Simon Hare the story revolves around a small unit of soldiers in WW1 and can be viewed on Amazon Video right now!

Sun rise. Lucid light is cast across flood waters which give way to rolling clouds that march across flowering fields, fells and sleepy rooftops. The original score and spoken word were inspired by the moving image. 
Filmed over 3 years in and around Yorkshire the film has no direct narrative but flows from landscape to landscape and is connected by music and the words that accompany them.


Spoken Word by Joshua Mason

Music by LIMPIT 


Snow day is a short film/music video documenting our first igloo build!


Timelapsed with the Canon 60D & Dynamic Perception Stage zero

Filmed with the Canon C100


Music by


'Gascoigne Wood - Fire walk with me' documents a late night hike through the blackness to catch a glimpse of a huge tyre fire! The smoke plume from which could be seen from space!


To film by moonlight I used the Canon C100 cinema camera with a hugely high ISO setting coupled with a low light lens

A live performance of Keep Knocking it Down by Oliver Max Mason


Music by




'Forces are not transmitted directly between interacting objects, but instead are described by intermediary entities called fields also I stood in a lot of fields.'

Mainly filmed on a Canon 60D around Yorkshire and Kielder Forest the film takes us on a journey from wind farms to power stations, down railways and rivers, from semi rural night sky and finally to Kielder dark skies park.

Shot & Edited by Michael Suttill (

Music by Limpit (

Graphics by Stephanie Oglesby

Get a snapshot of a day in the life at British Gypsum in Sherburn, as the camera goes on a tour of the site and time seems to stand still in their Mannequin Challenge.

A video I was asked to make by my place of work.

Shot with the Canon 6D, Canon 24-105 lens and the DJI Ronin
Edited in Premiere CC

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